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  • assyrian-women

    Assyrian Women

    Celebration of Assyrian Women- SAVE THE DATE! On June 26 at 5:30 p.m. we will be honoring Assyrian women at the Association. Come join as Rabi Hannibal Gevargiz talks about his book “Famous Assyrian Women” with a signing at the end. There will also be a showcase of art by

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  • genocide-panel-at-ucla

    Genocide Panel at UCLA

    Comprehensive Genocide Panel at UCLA – April 20, 2016 The Armenian Student Association at UCLA organized a series of events as part of Genocide Awareness Week. AAASC was pleased to have helped coordinate with ASA in bringing Dr. Nicholas Al-Jeloo to speak about the Assyrian Genocide as part of a

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  • ancient-instruments

    Ancient Instruments

    2016 Seminar Series: “Musical Instruments of Mesopotamia”. On April 17, 2016, AAASC Arts and Literature Committee held its first lecture/seminar of the year. Renowned Assyrian artist and musical historian Shlimon Bet Shmuel gave an insightful presentation on his new book “ Musical Instruments of Ancient Mesopotamia.” Raabi Shlimon sang a

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