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  • nusardeil-festival-2017

    Nusardeil Festival – 2017

    AAASC will be holding its annual Nusardeil picnic on Sunday July 23, 2017 at 11:00am at Weddington Park. We heard great reviews about the new location at Kalu Sulaqa and so we will be returning there for Nusardeil. Sunday July 23, 11am Weddington Park, 10844 Acama St, North Hollywood, CA

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  • bbq-town-hall

    BBQ Town Hall

    BBQ Town Hall – July 24 AAASC held a Summer BBQ at the Association parking lot along with our Second Town Hall Meeting of the year. We had the pleasure of hosting an open discussion to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we’ve been doing so far. We’re here

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  • nusardeil-picnic-2016

    Nusardeil Picnic 2016

    Nusardeil Heritage Picnic – 2016 AAASC held its annual Nusardeil Heritage Picnic at Woodley Park on July 17, 2016.   Assyrians celebrate Nusardeil to commemorate the church’s baptism but the origins date back to ancient Assyrian times when sprinkling water was a common practice to show respect to the ancient Assyrian

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  • summer-beach-day-bonfire

    Summer Beach Day & Bonfire

    Beach Day and Bonfire – July 9 On July 9, we held a summer beach day and bonfire at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa Del Rey, CA.   It was great to talk to people around us to let them know who Assyrians are. AAASC looks forward to doing similar events

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  • kalu-sulaqa-picnic

    Kalu Sulaqa Picnic

    Kalu Sulaqa Picnic – May 14, 2016 AAASC held its annual Kalu Sulaqa (Bride of the Ascension) Picnic at Woodley Park.   There was plenty of food, beverages, and music to go around, as well as and backgammon tournament. Special to thanks to California State Assembly Candidate Chris Chahinian for stopping

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  • easter-greetings

    Easter Greetings

    Easter Greeting – April 3, 2016 On April 3, AAASC held its annual Easter Greeting on the Sunday after Easter.

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