Health Awareness Message

Defeat Heart Disease | Be Informed about Breast Cancer


Health Awareness Message

We wanted to create a section for general health. So with that we’d like to kick-off this effort by sharing a couple health and nutrition resources with you here. Please check the Health category, or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

2016.10.07 – Heart Disease Sheet     |     2016.10.07 – Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

AAASC Health Awareness Message:

Our motto is “building a sense a community” – through different and new ideas, programs, and initiatives, we have worked toward this purpose thanks to all of your support.  I’m writing to you all to talk about another initiative that we will embark on moving forward:  Health & Fitness Awareness.

Why you might ask?? Well, it’s a topic we rarely discuss but it’s time we tackle it head-on together.  Too many of our people do not see a doctor regularly or do not take care of themselves as we all should.  Much of that stems from a lack of awareness but as an association, we do have a role in helping to raise awareness of these health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chrons/colitis, depression, and so on.  It’s not something we can just hug away or brush off to the side — it’s too important to neglect.  As an association, if we can help educate or encourage just one person to regularly get checked out or to modify their habit, then we’ve done our job.

On October 8, we participated a 5 kilometer walk to raise awareness about heart disease and heart-related illnesses (see info below).  For the month of October, we will be going pink for breast cancer awareness month. Furthermore, we will be providing informational sheets on what preventative steps people can take.  Indeed this is just the start so please stay tuned.  We welcome any and all suggestions on moving this initiative forward!!


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